Women in field session

Date : 29.nov.2016


Time : 11:00AM -12:30 PM


IEEE attendees : 25 members


Non IEEE attendees : 10


Instructor : – Eng. Maysoon khresat

-Nada Sa’ad


Description :

In this session , we asked the attendees to answer two specific questions ,

One , why do you support women’s rights ?

And two , talk about the importance of males support for women .


We have also talked to undergraduate and employed ( biomedical , industrial , mechanical , computer , civil and mechatronics ) female engineers . we asked them to share their experience in working field .


We have contacted 50 engineering companies of all fields , asking about the availables jobs for women comparison with available jobs for men . we have also sent false symmetric resumes of males and females ,to study the rejection of women based on their gender alone .


We made a short film where we had displayed examples of females situations in working field , with a short recorded testimonies of working women in different majors .


The problems we have discussed and displayed are :

  1. Unequal wages for colleagues in the same position .
  2. Unequal hiring opportunities .
  3. The failures in protecting employed women in getting their nursing hours , and maternity leave .
  4. Lack of investigation in cases of wrongful dismissals .
  5. Establishing confidence of the female audience in themselves through successful stories of engineers .


The other part of the session we had  invited Eng.Mayson Khreisat to talk about her experiment in the work.