IEEE Day 2016

WIE AG has participated in IEEE day in oct,6 2016 with amazing activities

 WIE AG booth contain a useful and entertaining games

-batwoman game:

 a funny game created by WIE team . it similar to ladder and snake game but it contain some instruction must been followed to win .

-ladder&snake game :

it’s game require a little luck which  played by two players .we had to create a new design includes how to reach IEEE office from the gate of university .

– the wheel :

game has designed by nada saad ,include wheel divided to 12 section each section contain help,prize or question each player had three chances . the questions about such amazing women .

-some puzzles .

the award :

-cupcake ,cookies and chocolate ball.

-banner,mirrors ,cubs and pens bearing WIE AG logo.

the booth received over 500 students .


the auditorium:

we had around 15  minutes and it as follow

-5 minutes for the chairwoman juhaina al-juhani .she talked about the global IEEE WIE AG then about HU WIE AG .she talked about the trends and goals of the group and discussed our plans for this semester .

-10 minutes discussed life of great women in jordan like alaa hamdan and samah bayazid and and out like marie curie and anosha .

our PR alaa kababji end our show by motivational word about the inspiration of women and their effect in the world .